Gila River Indian Community District 3 Multipurpose

The new GRIC D3 Multipurpose facility consists of a new 52,000 GSF structure designed around the cultural values of the Pima ancestry and beliefs. Merge Architectural Group in team with Irvine Design Studio meet several times with members of the community to have one-on-one workshop sessions to be able to understand the meaning behind symbolism and cultural sensitivity of the Gila River people. After several discussions, the project started to take form by following the different aspect of Pima Culture and life, represented in the different elements on this new building.

The building was designed in organic complex shapes, as a response to their integration with nature as people, light was aligned in different specific dates to highlight specific ceremonial occurrences at specific times and dates, their way of living included the incorporation of items such as water, silence rooms, light grass look-like
structures and other elements to meet their expectations as a respect to their cultural sensitivity. The project is home to their youth program, administration offices, fitness center, senior center, community kitchen, dinning room, music classrooms, gymnasium, multipurpose classrooms, and other community services to support the local community.


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May 17, 2021

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