Merge prides itself in our wide range of expertise. We welcome you to explore our portfolio of work, and discover what our unique balance of team collaboration and design focus results in - both architecturally and holistically. We believe that each project granted to our team is more than just the sum of its parts - it should add to the value of its surroundings. So, dive into our work.


We take great pride in our portfolio of residential projects. Whether it’s a contemporary single-family home, a high-end condominium project or a series of buildings to house a large number of people, they all require sensitivity to the site and the application of design principles that result in buildings that feel like home.


Merge has created a number of exciting commercial projects that feature innovative design and a sensible approach to the client’s needs. Our focus is on helping a client define his brand and designing ways to ensure a profitable operation. From office space to restaurants to recreation facilities, we understand how to design commercial buildings that draw the public to them and enhance the neighborhood around them.

Master Planning

On any project, before detailed work can begin the team has to ask and answer a multitude of questions. Planning is at the core of good design, and a master plan becomes the roadmap for change. Merge has the proven capability to combine cutting edge technology with strong design talent to create master plans for any size of project. Our considerable experience in developing planning documents can become a valuable part of our client’s business plan and the basis for the eventual design.


Modern churches have taken on roles beyond being places of worship. Often they are public meeting venues and child care facilities as well. Merge has designed a number of churches that serve this multi-functional model. No matter what the scope of the project involves, we believe our biggest role is to help a congregation develop a vision that has an eye on its future while still expressing the traditions of its faith.


No individual area of architecture is more challenging than the design of modern education facilities. From K-12 to Higher Education, we understand the design requirements brought about by shrinking budgets, enhanced security and ever-changing classroom technology. We create places of learning that nurture students and help prepare them for the future.


Our portfolio includes a diverse mix of building types, from government offices to transit centers to performing arts venues. The challenges of funding public projects along with an often times difficult decision-making process makes our experience critical to completion of a project. Merge understands the unique nature of working successfully in the public sector.