Merge proudly presents Forty600, a modern mixed-use mid-rise development in Uptown Central Phoenix designed by Merge Architectural Group. Situated at the intersection of the Arizona Grand Canal and Central Avenue, this innovative project engages with the community on three fronts – Central Avenue, Coolidge Street, and the Arizona Grand Canal.

With 155 luxury multi-family residential units above, Forty600 offers ground-floor commercial, retail, and office spaces, designed to foster a vibrant and walkable urban environment. Inspired by the Walkable Urban Code and Uptown TOD Plan, the development boasts pedestrian-scaled urban design with two-story storefront glazing, inviting shade, lush landscaping, cozy seating, and convenient pedestrian/bicycle amenities.

Merge Architectural Group designed Forty600 to align with the city’s vision of a more urban, pedestrian/bicycle-friendly, and dynamic light rail corridor. We can’t wait to see this stunning project come to life and contribute to the thriving spirit of Uptown Central Phoenix.