Exciting news! Say hello to Chepa’s Micro Market, brought to life by Merge Architectural Group. This amazing project in Tucson, AZ is about uniting the community by transforming their eating habits and promoting healthy organic food.

Through collaboration with the Pascua Yaqui Tribe, Merge Architectural Group conducted a thorough SWOT analysis that helped identify key goals, expectations, challenges, and assets that were seamlessly integrated into the design. Think healthy prepared food, easy access, a central location, abundant natural light, a platform for local artists, captivating sun and moon symbols, a warm and secure ambiance, and a strong community focus.

Chepa’s Micro Market was designed as a gathering place for groceries, grab-and-go items, and cooking classes where the community can learn to prepare meals using ingredients they don’t typically consume, reducing fast-food consumption. The front and external plaza will host vibrant farmer’s markets, fostering community connections.

This micro-market aims to establish a solid foundation for a robust and flourishing community. Inspired by the celestial beauty above the traditional Yaqui Ramada, it pays homage to the heritage, culture, and history of the Yoeme people, where treasured traditions and captivating stories come alive.

With the expertise of Merge Architectural Group, Chepa’s Micro Market will be a true reflection of the community’s aspirations and values. It will nurture, provide accessibility, and spark creativity while honoring local culture and heritage. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project!