Merge Architectural Group has been commissioned to design 4 new hotels in prestige locations of the State of Arizona, by the Navajo Nation Office of Economic Development. The projects will start their conceptual phase in late November of 2017 with the goal of scheduling construction during late 2018, 2019 and 2020.

The new Hotels will be a unique branded hotel for the Navajo Nation, Merge Architectural Group in collaboration with JCJ Architecture will be developing the new hotel branding, it’s interior design and the ‘view’ features of this new hotel chain. The four preselected hotel locations include: Cameron Arizona: Gate to the Grand Canyon and the Western Region of Navajo Nation; Antelope Point: Located near Page Arizona and home of one of the most visited and impressive canyons in the world Antelope Canyon, also gate to the Northwest portion of the Navajo Nation; Shonto Arizona: Home of the Navajo National Monument Ruins, will become the exhibition hub for arts and Navajo Way of Living; Shiprock New Mexico: On the Northern entrance to the Navajo Nation, communicating the southern portion of the State of Colorado with New Mexico’s Navajo Nation, this hotel will become the gate for tourism and eastern travel into the region.