We are proud to say that the mix of talented, creative and at times even quirky individuals in our office has created a “culture of excellence”. Our total commitment to a collaborative work environment has brought out the best in everyone in the firm. Each of them believes in our client-centric approach to a project. Here’s your chance to meet our team. They’re the people who would like to work with you on your project.

Carlos A. Murrieta

Phone: (602) 635-1581 X701

Clarisa del Castillo

Phone: 602-284-9623

James A. Wesala

Phone: 602-635-1581 x704

Adrienne Teran


Carlos Barriga

Phone: (602) 635-1581 x705

Jessica E. Zamorano

Phone: (602) 635-1581 X707


The Merge team recognizes that doing business means, first and foremost, being a part of the communities in which we work. Giving back to the people and places that support us is an important part of our firm’s mission, and we are always looking for ways to connect with them. Take a look at some of the ways Merge has been recognized and gives back.