About Us

Merge Architectural Group was founded in 2012 by Carlos Murieta and Clarisa del Castillo. After more than twenty years practicing architecture and engineering, they saw a need for a different approach to the delivery of design services – a more collaborative way of meeting the client’s needs. This philosophy formed the core of Merge’s business model.

Our Methodology

We follow 7 principles to assure that we can provide responsiveness, quality and cost control throughout the project:

WE COLLABORATE: The whole is more than the sum of its parts. The dynamic interplay we as architects and you as clients have will make the project unique and successful. We can combine our ideas and knowledge to produce an effective and cost-conscious project.

WE ADAPT: Our work adapts the environment of our projects into provocative designs. We find inspiration on the site, the program, and in the buildings, we work with. We take in the existing conditions with eyes wide open in order to draw out harmonious architectural solutions, always integrating instead of changing and always being aware of the budget.

WE INTERACT: The interaction with clients, user groups, and the specific building itself fosters
meaningful architecture. Building a project community by threading together input from many constituencies can result in rich heterogeneous, civic places.

WE RE-OCCUPY: Every building tells a story. Coaxing new life out of used structures often results in surprising creations. We enjoy nothing more than adding our chapter to these stories told by buildings and spaces with which we have the privilege to engage.

WE INTEGRATE: Our lives are not neatly zoned and compartmentalized; they are inextricably
intertwined. Our buildings and campuses can successfully reflect the way we live though the integration of social, educational and cultural activities. Vital crosscurrents of public integration bring everyday opportunities for civic life.

WE STIMULATE: Spaces that stimulate our sense are the best educational environments. Students perform better in spaces with balanced natural light; the best architecture is one that carefully manipulates light and coordinates it with color to brighten any space.

WE INNOVATE: We strive to produce identifiable designs that stretch and invigorate the imagination. Our work, while responsibly accommodating project requirements, always offers unique thoughtful memorable architecture to inspire pride.

Arizona. New Mexico. Utah. Texas. Mexico

Where We Work

We believe a City is the heart of its surrounding region, so it was easy for Merge to establish its office in central Phoenix. Surrounded by both modern and historic buildings, we see constant reminders of the way architecture is woven into the cultural fabric of a City and State. Our team designed our downtown office for openness, collaboration and change.

Living, studying and working in the Sonora Desert region has given us a passion for the landscape and architecture that surrounds us. The rich history of the land and its people has embedded in us a deep respect for the value of sustainability and design sensitive to the landscape and that offers a new, modern interpretation of all that came before us.

Who We Are

Our Principals

Merge Architectural Group was founded in 2012 by Carlos Murieta and Clarisa del Castillo.

Carlos A. Murrieta

Carlos A. Murrieta


Carlos Murrieta, AIA moved to Scottsdale Arizona in 2002 after founding and operating his own design-build firm, Murrieta + Peral Arquitectos, in Sonora, Mexico. His previous design-build-owner experience helped Carlos navigate with ease while acquiring new experiences in the US, where he added the process of understanding energy use in building, a specialty that Carlos brings to every project at the office, making sure Merging with the environment is done as a reponsible MERGE. 

Clarisa del Castillo

Clarisa del Castillo


Clarisa del Castillo started working in Arizona after finishing her Master’s program at Universidad de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain, practicing in different areas of design from custom residential, retail, mixed-use, educational, Native American and governmental projects. With each completed project, she acquired not only architectural and interior design skills, but also management and sustainability practices knowledge.