About Us

Merge Architectural Group (MAG) is an award-winning architectural firm located in Phoenix, Arizona, providing complete architectural, planning, and interior design services. Co-founded by Carlos Murrieta and Clarisa del Castillo in 2012, it has a diverse portfolio of outstanding community, education, government, higher education, hospitality, and multifamily projects. Merge Architectural Group is committed to designing excellence through a client-concentric collaborative design process, assuring the most responsive, accurate, and cost-effective approach for each client.

Our Core Values

Merge Architectural Group focuses on a client-centered experience where our clients are part of our team, allowing us to create appropriate and responsible designs based on our core values:

Creativity. We modify the built environment through novel solutions and imaginative ideas.

Integrity. Our ethical principles are the basis of our practice.

Excellence. We attain the highest design quality through continued exploration of ideas.

Where We Work

Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Mexico

We believe a City is the heart of its surrounding region, so it was easy for Merge to establish its central Phoenix office. Surrounded by both modern and historic buildings, we see constant reminders of how architecture is woven into the cultural fabric of a City and State. Our team designed our downtown office for openness, collaboration, and change.

Living, studying, and working in the Sonora Desert region has given us a passion for the landscape and architecture surrounding us. The rich history of the land and its people has embedded deep respect for the value of sustainability and design sensitive to the landscape. It offers a new, modern interpretation of all that came before us.

Who We Are

Our Principals

Merge Architectural Group was founded in 2012 by Carlos Murieta and Clarisa del Castillo.

Carlos A. Murrieta

Carlos A. Murrieta


Carlos Murrieta, AIA, moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, in 2002, after founding and operating his design-build firm, Murrieta + Peral Arquitectos, in Sonora, Mexico. His previous design-build-owner experience helped Carlos navigate a different way of practicing architecture and new challenges in a new country. His learning experience added unique expertise in Energy, Energy Modeling, and Sustainability with various certifications. Energy use has been a topic Carlos brings to every project at the office, assuring that blending with the environment is done as a responsible MERGE.

Clarisa del Castillo

Clarisa del Castillo


Clarisa del Castillo started working in Arizona after finishing her Master’s program at Universidad de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain, practicing in different design areas from custom residential, retail, mixed-use, educational, Native American, and governmental projects. With each completed project, she acquired architectural and interior design skills and management and sustainability practices knowledge.